Innovative technologies impact every part of life, and your Greenville, South Carolina home’s comfort and energy efficiency are no exception. Smart thermostats and home automation systems have the potential to add convenience to your daily life and save you a considerable amount of money. Knowing how they do this could help you make an informed decision about updating your home’s HVAC system.

What an Intelligent Thermostat Is

Smart or intelligent thermostats use advanced algorithms in order to control the HVAC system’s cycles. They use information, such as your schedule, the outdoor temperature, indoor temperature and humidity level to carefully time the length and speed of cooling and heating cycles. The thermostat’s software gets regular updates through your home’s Wi-Fi. According to the Department of Energy, these thermostats adjust the temperature in a way that saves money and maximizes your comfort.

How Nexia Works With Intelligent Thermostats

Nexia is a smart home automation system. It works as an app on your smartphone or tablet. Almost every system in your home can be connected to it. The app allows you to lock your front door, close the garage door, turn the lights off, adjust the temperature and monitor your home’s security cameras from any location. It uses algorithms to automate these features and save you money.

Why Home Automation Boosts Energy Efficiency

When you’re away from home, intelligent thermostats and home automation systems adjust temperature settings. This doesn’t impact your comfort, but it could lower your utility bills by up to 10 percent each month. These systems also control the speed and cycle length of your heating and cooling system. When they operate at the lowest necessary speed, they use less energy in order to maintain a consistent indoor temperature.

For more information about how a smart thermostat and the Nexia home intelligence system could improve your home’s energy efficiency, check out Palmetto Heating & Air LLC’s installation services, or call us.

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