Variable Speed and 2-Stage Heat Pumps

There are a handful of heating and cooling systems available for your home in Easly, SC. A heat pump is a popular option and new technology is making them more energy efficient than ever before. In older heat pumps, the condensing unit’s compressor can only operate on one output level. This leaves your unit functioning at 100% until the desired temperature is reached, resulting in wasted energy.

2-stage compressors in modern heat pumps offer an energy efficient option. A 2-stage compressor allows a heat pump to adjust its operating capacity based on your home’s specific needs. These systems also provide more consistent temperatures and more efficient air dispersion. Similar to 2-stage compressors, a variable-speed or multi-stage motor is able to adjust heating and cooling output, saving energy and reducing unnecessary temperature fluctuations and system cycling. With this type of motor, your HVAC system will only heat and cool as much necessary, resulting in an efficiency of up to 38 percent more than single-speed motors.


How Heat Pumps Work

Furnaces and other conventional heating equipment work by either burning gas or oil to create heat or by passing electricity through a high-resistance material. A heat pump, on the other hand, transfer heat from one area to another, only supplying air to areas when needed. These systems can also be reversed to pump heat out of a space. Heat pump systems collect heat from either the air, water, or ground using electricity rather than burning fuel to generate heat. Because of this, heat pumps are twice as energy efficient as traditional heating equipment.

Heat Pump Advancements for Your Home

Technology continues to advance, allowing heat pumps to now be controlled remotely using your smart phone. Some heat pumps with smart thermostats with geo-fencing are able to detect when you are traveling home and prepare your home’s temperature for your arrival. See how a technologically-advanced heat pump can benefit your home. For more information, contact us online or give us a call.

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