Once winter sets in around Mauldin, SC, you’ll depend on your furnace to keep you comfortable and safe. While there are many culprits to problems you may face with your furnace, one common cause is a bad blower motor. Here are some of the signs your blower motor may be bad and may need a replacement.

Unusual Sounds From Your Furnace

Your furnace should be nearly silent while cycling, aside from a little whoosh you may hear when it starts. A screeching or squealing sound while your unit cycles often indicates the bearings in your blower motor are going bad. When this happens, you’re likely going to need a new blower motor, which is a common furnace issue.

Low or No Airflow From Your Vents

The circulating fan is responsible for drawing air into your HVAC system and pushing it back out into your home. If the fan motor is malfunctioning, it may not spin quite as quickly, reducing the amount of air it circulates.

Weird Odors

You may not think of observing how things smell as a way of keeping an eye on your furnace. However, a burning smell while your system cycles may indicate a significant problem.

In some cases, it may indicate the blower motor burning out, requiring a replacement. To prevent a fire, shut your furnace down if you notice a burning smell, and call for a professional evaluation right away.

Unusual Heating Cycles

When your blower motor doesn’t spin correctly, it’ll prevent your system from heating your home correctly. In some cases, this may result in unusually long heating cycles. In other cases, it’ll cause the system to overheat, resulting in short cycling.

Climbing Energy Bills

Your energy bills are a great indication something in your system isn’t operating properly. Rather than looking at the costs, keep an eye on your energy consumption year over year for each month. Consistently higher consumption indicates an efficiency problem, which could be due to an underperforming blower motor.

Keep your energy bills in check this winter by ensuring your entire system is operating optimally. Call to schedule your furnace maintenance with our experts at Palmetto Heating & Air, LLC today.

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