Heat pumps work efficiently by transferring air to your indoors without using considerable amounts of energy. One of the advantages of the device is that it doesn’t require separate systems for heating or cooling. Here are some explanations for cold air from your heat pump in Greenville, SC.

Your System Is Working Fine

If you notice the device producing cold air when it should be warm, it could be there is no problem. Your body temperature could influence your perception even though the interior is warmer than you perceive it.

The surest way to establish whether your heat pump is producing adequate heat is to use a thermometer or check the thermostat for the indoor temperature. The temperature of the air your system is pushing into your home will often depend on the weather outside.

Caught in Defrost Cycle

If your heat pump is indeed blowing cool air, it could be stuck in the defrost cycle. When the system is functioning properly, it will switch to air conditioning mode temporarily to melt the ice.

Sometimes debris may block the transfer of warm air from the refrigerant to the outdoors. You should seek the services of a qualified professional to pinpoint the problem with the heat pump.

Faulty Components

Your heat pump may not have changed to heating mode due to faulty components. A technician needs to check the levels of refrigerant and whether your outdoor fan is functional. They are in the best position to check the reversing valve, compressor, heat strip and other factors influencing the heating efficiency of your system.

We are a family-owned company with experienced and NATE-Certified technicians. We offer free estimates, and you can expect honest and reliable services from us. If you have any issues with your heating and cooling system in Greenville, SC, contact Palmetto Heating & Air LLC and have it fixed today.

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