Believe it or not, your HVAC system can disrupt your sleep and cause feelings of grogginess come morning. There are a few reasons this may happen in your Greenville, SC, home. This article goes over four ways in which your HVAC system can affect your quality of sleep.

Humidity Levels

Humidity levels that are too high or low will negatively impact your breathing and comfort levels, and thus your sleep. High humidity can cause sweating and allergen problems, while low humidity can cause an itchy throat and dry skin. Ideal home humidity levels fall somewhere around 50% in the Greenville area.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

An HVAC system that isn’t properly circulating air and removing toxins from your air creates an environment in which the air quality is poor. This poor air quality can cause breathing issues that keep you up at night, as well as allergy symptoms annoying enough to interrupt sleep. You can minimize issues by having HVAC repairs done and by replacing the HVAC filter regularly.

Home Temperature

When your HVAC system doesn’t properly regulate the temperature in your home, things can get uncomfortable fast. This discomfort may interrupt your sleep or make it difficult to fall asleep at night.

Noise Levels

A soft hum is normal behavior for your HVAC system, but new noises may signal a problem and disrupt sleep. Any new sound is a reason to give us a call to assess the need for repairs. This includes squeals, pops, banging noises and a general increase in noise levels from your furnace or ductwork.

A fall furnace tune-up can help your HVAC system run better so your sleep can be as sound as possible. Give us a call today at Palmetto Heating & Air LLC and ask us about our HVAC maintenance agreements. We look forward to your call!

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