For most Piedmont, SC, homes, having the heat pump running almost constantly can gradually seem normal, but it shouldn’t run that frequently. Have you also had excessive energy costs and ineffective cooling and heating in your home? The following are some of the possible causes of your heat pump running consistently, as well as what you should do about it.

An Undersized System

An undersized heat pump system will constantly struggle to cool or heat your house. This frequently causes your system to work extra hard in order to attain the temperature you’ve set on your thermostat.

Regrettably, if you have an undersized HVAC system, the only solution is to upgrade it with the right one. Before heat pump installation, an expert should have completed a load assessment to determine the appropriate size heat pump for your home.

Refrigerant Leak

If your heating pump’s refrigerant line leaks, it won’t be capable of transferring as much heat out or into your house for each of its heating or cooling cycle. As a result, in order to maintain the same temperature, your system will have to work harder. You’ll need to call an HVAC technician to repair the refrigerant leak and then refill it.

Blocked or Dirty Condenser Coils

Your heat pump cools and heats your house by moving heat either outside or inside. If dust, dirt, leaves, twigs and other debris clog or block your heating pump’s condenser coils, it will struggle to transmit heat out of or into your house, forcing it to operate longer to attain the same temperature.

If you discover dust or debris covering your outside unit, you should schedule a tune-up with an HVAC technician. To guarantee that your heating pump runs efficiently, you should have it tuned-up twice a year.

If you notice that your Piedmont, SC, heat pump is always running, it might be a clue that something is amiss. Call us at Palmetto Heating & Air LLC today to handle your heating and air conditioning issues. We can assist you in identifying the issue and resolving it before it increases your utility expenses.

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