A commercial HVAC system in Piedmont, SC will benefit from a spring and summer tune-up as you will improve its overall performance throughout the year. Tips for upkeep and preparation may also help reduce the need for expensive repairs down the road. These are three of the most important things you can do now to make your commercial HVAC system ready for the warmer months ahead.

Have the Refrigerant Level Inspected

A commercial HVAC system needs a certain level of refrigerant to effectively absorb and release heat. A qualified technician can check the system’s level of refrigerant before you turn the system on in the spring to see whether it needs any extra fluid. However, before a professional adds extra refrigerant, they will also check to make sure there are no leaks in the system.

Clear Space Around Condenser Unit

The area surrounding your condenser is likely to accumulate some debris and rubble during the course of winter. It’s important to check this area and get rid of any unwanted growth of grass and other types of debris, like leaves and sticks. This helps ensure the condenser can operate without any hindrance to airflow.

Wash the Condenser

In addition to cleaning the area surrounding the condenser, wash the unit itself with water and a light detergent as well as straighten any kinks in the coils. If you do this, you won’t have to worry about any clogging or restricted airflow in your vents.

Start Prepping Your HVAC System Today!

Need help inspecting your AC’s refrigerant level or checking for leaks? Contact us at Palmetto Heating & Air to improve the indoor comfort of your commercial property and learn how to prep the AC for warmer months with proper maintenance. We offer heating, cooling and indoor air quality services.

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