When shopping for a new heating system, you may end up with an incorrectly sized one if you try to size it yourself. An incorrectly sized system is expensive to use and does not deliver the required comfort. Below, we’ll cover signs of an incorrectly sized heat pump in Mauldin, SC.

Your Heat Pump Turns On and Off Frequently

Typically, your heating system operates in cycles. In an hour, the unit operates in two to three cycles. Each cycle is 15 to 20 minutes long.

If you install an oversized one, the unit won’t complete a heating cycle and turns on and off multiple times, a concept called short cycling. This occurs because the heat pump heats parts of your home too fast, leaving other areas cool.

You Start Receiving Higher Energy Bills

Your heating system is one of the most efficient appliances in your home. However, if you notice an abnormal energy bill, a malfunctioning system is one of the likely culprits.

A compressor is the component that consumes the most electric energy. Therefore, your energy bill will ultimately go up when it keeps turning on and off multiple times.

An undersized heat pump tends to run continuously since your home’s heating load exceeds its capabilities. The longer it runs, the more electricity it consumes.

Your Heat Pump Needs Frequent Repairs

Constant running increases the stress on the system’s components. This causes them to break down often, necessitating the need for frequent repairs. Also, short cycling causes its components to break down frequently.

Your Home Has Uneven Temperatures

If your system turns on and off multiple times, it won’t take enough time to distribute temperatures evenly in your home. Also, if you have an undersized heat pump, the areas closer to the vents will be warmer than those further from the vents.

Our technicians will determine the appropriately sized heat pump for your home and install it for you. Contact Palmetto Heating & Air LLC for all your heating services.

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