A maintenance plan might seem unnecessary, especially if your Mauldin, SC, home’s HVAC equipment is relatively new. Investing in a maintenance plan early on, however, returns short- and long-term benefits. Here are three ways that HVAC maintenance plans save you money.

Lower Fuel Bills

Well-cared-for equipment runs more efficiently and uses less energy. Even newer equipment accumulates dirt that obstructs airflow and causes it to work harder. Deficient airflow also leads to inconsistent temperatures, necessitating constant adjustment of thermostats. Leaky air ducts result in up to 30% of your conditioned air seeping out before it reaches all of your rooms. A consequence of inadequate humidity control is thermostats set higher or lower than they need to be. Proactive maintenance avoids these energy consumption and loss problems and translates to lower fuel bills.

Reduced Repair Costs

The more you use something, the quicker the parts wear out. There’s no doubt that HVAC systems in Piedmont, SC, get a workout. With regular HVAC maintenance, our technicians will catch problems as they develop. Early identification enables you to replace worn-out parts before they cause large-scale breakdowns and hefty heating or air conditioning repairs.

Increased System Life

HVAC replacements are serious investments, and you certainly don’t want to have a significant outlay of cash sooner than necessary. A little TLC goes a long way toward protecting your equipment and ensuring that it reaches its 15 to 20-year lifespan. It’s more cost-effective to pay for an annual service plan, even if you need occasional repairs, than it is to replace your system every seven to 10 years. Plus, if you have a service agreement with Palmetto Heating & Air LLC, you’ll get a 10% discount on repair costs.

With regular maintenance, you can save money and have peace of mind. To learn more about what we include in our HVAC service plans, check out our HVAC maintenance services or call (864) 651-9003.

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