Properly utilizing your air conditioner’s many amazing features is a great way to manage your family‚Äôs allergies. These systems can
maintain your humidity level as well as your air quality. Here’s how your AC system can minimize your allergy symptoms in Piedmont, SC.

Maintains Safe Humidity Level

An excessively high or low humidity level can worsen your health, your utility bills and your daily comfort. It’s best to keep your home’s humidity between 30% to 60% all year long. Your air conditioner naturally removes moisture from the air during a cooling cycle, making your home drier.

Too much moisture can lead to more dust mites circulating in the air as well as fungal spores. Damp, dark areas can also attract more pests that worsen your allergies. It’s important to note that while AC units will have an impact on your humidity level, you may need a dehumidifier if you struggle with frequent moisture concerns.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

A well-maintained air conditioner utilizes a filter to remove contaminants like hair and dust from your breathing air. You can even connect an air purifier to your system to provide superior air quality control.

Importance of AC Maintenance

To fully enjoy the excellent humidity and air quality benefits your AC has to offer, you should schedule annual HVAC maintenance. It’s best to get a tune-up in the spring and the fall to ensure your system is in optimal condition. This service includes removing any grime from the internal unit and checking for loose parts and potential part replacement needs.

Protecting your AC’s efficiency and safety can boost your air quality and lower your seasonal allergy symptoms. Call Palmetto Heating & Air LLC to learn more about our AC repair in Piedmont, SC.

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