Our furry and four-legged friends make our lives complete by offering us emotional support and companionship. However, having a dog or cat in your Piedmont, SC, home has its advantages and disadvantages. The following are some ways pets can damage the quality of your home’s indoor air.

Dogs Can Introduce Dirty Elements Indoors

Dogs are innately curious animals and will often explore virtually any outdoor space to have fun. In some instances, they’ll explore dirty dustbins and surfaces. As they explore the outdoors, allergens, pollen and dirt will find their way onto the dog’s fur.

They’ll then introduce the dust and dirty elements into your indoor spaces. In addition, dogs shed off dead skin cells, which also damage the quality of your interior air. Make sure to frequently clean your indoor air by changing your HVAC filters.

Birds Introduce Mites and Dander

Birds are highly spirited and lovely to listen to. They make our homes feel livelier while still entertaining us. Sometimes birds harbor mites and the also produce dander.

The waste from the mites combined with bird dander can pollute indoor air. The solution is to regularly check your bird pets for mites and clean their cages frequently.

Cats Introduce Dander and Allergens

Cats are pretty friendly pets that offer companionship and emotional support. However, cats also produce dander that pollutes the air, making the interior spaces uncomfortable for those with allergies.

Pets are undoubtedly our friends, but they can introduce allergens and dander to our interior spaces, making our homes uncomfortable. To effectively air condition and keep your indoor air healthy, contact us today to learn more about the indoor air quality products we can offer at Palmetto Heating & Air LLC for outstanding services.

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