It’s normal if, during summer, your Greenville, South Carolina’s air conditioner runs often throughout the day. Therefore, once summer comes to an end, your system might need maintenance to recover from the hard work. Here are some common AC repairs your system might experience throughout the season.

Capacitor Failure

An AC capacitor works by sending energy to the motor of your unit to help it power up and run throughout its cooling cycle. Failure of your system’s capacitor is one of the most common issues air conditioners experience during summer.

When this happens, your system’s compressor will show signs of struggle when you try to start it, and eventually, it will completely shut off. Thankfully, it’s possible to detect the problem before a complete system shut down. If you notice your A/C is struggling, call a professional to identify the problem and fix it before it gets worse.

Low Refrigerant Requires AC Repairs

If your system isn’t cooling efficiently, making strange noises or you see ice on the evaporator coils, then your air conditioner might be low on refrigerant. Worry-not as this is an easy fix. If you notice any of the signs above, call a professional. Your service technician will perform a routine maintenance check on your unit and add the necessary refrigerant for peak performance.

Clogged Air Filter

Peak season means your air filters will get dirtier faster than usual. As a result, failing to check or change it in a timely manner will result in a clogged filter. This might sound minor, but the truth is that a clogged filter can do a lot of damage to your air conditioner. It can lead to restricted airflow and dirty ducts which causes inefficient cooling and harms your home’s indoor air quality.

Learn how you can avoid these common AC repairs or how to handle them if they do happen by calling our experts at Palmetto Heating and Air today.

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