If you want to improve the indoor air quality in your Easley, SC, home consider installing a UV light air purifier. These purifiers have a unique function that others don’t. Here is a brief breakdown of how these air purifiers work and the benefits you can expect when using them.

What Is a UV Light Purifier?

UV light is an invisible type of radiation that destroys cells, making it useful in destroying air impurities. UV light purifiers use short-wave ultraviolet light to inactivate airborne microorganisms and pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. The technology is also known as UV germicidal irradiation, and its ultimate goal is to improve indoor air quality.

As air passes through the device, it goes through the UV lamp, which disinfects the air through germicidal irradiation. UV light purifiers come as either stand-alone systems or installed into the pre-existing residential or commercial HVAC system.

How UV Light Purifiers Work

The air passes through a small internal chamber in the air purifier that exposes the particles to UV light. The ultraviolet light destroys the core DNA of the air pollutants. It’s also good to note that since the purifier doesn’t emit ultraviolet light into your living space, it’s safe to use. These lights can also be installed close to the coils in your air handler, eliminating any biologic build-up on the coils, while also purifying the air.

Eliminate Odors From Your Home

UV light purifiers contain a carbon filter responsible for trapping fundamental organic compounds that produce a bad smell. It’s also useful for smokers since it not only purifies the air but also eliminates tobacco odor. The carbon filter is a porous material that eliminates all manner of odors from sources such as food, moisture and pets.

Improve Respiratory Health

For allergic people, there are many particles in the air that can cause respiratory complications. The presence of dust and pollen may cause discomfort and coughing for family members with allergies. Using a this type of air purifier keeps everyone safe and healthy by trapping dust and pollen.

Enjoy a Bacterial Growth-Free Home

Humidity encourages bacterial growth that in turn produces tiny spores that cling to surfaces such as carpets and curtains. This growth is responsible for triggering asthma and allergies. UV light air purifiers can remove the spores from your living space.

For more information about indoor air quality, contact Palmetto Heating & Air LLC. Our team will help you with practical solutions.

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