Your furnace should be operating efficiently in Mauldin, SC as long as you get maintenance for it once a year and change the air filter every three months or as needed. If it’s inefficient, you’ll know soon enough. Here are four signs of an inefficient furnace that could raise your monthly bill.

1. Abnormally Long Cycles

Heating cycles should be 10 to 15 minutes long, and the furnace should go through two or three such cycles an hour. If the cycles go longer, then something is preventing the system from heating your home. It could be a bad pilot light or heating element, for instance.

2. Lukewarm Air or Uneven Heating

Along with long cycles, you may notice that the air is lukewarm or that some rooms are warmer than others. This could mean the blower motor, which circulates air, is malfunctioning, or it could point to some obstruction in airflow like a blocked vent. Such obstructions reduce efficiency and can lead to overheating and premature breakdowns.

3. A High Monthly Bill

Perhaps without changing the heating schedule for your furnace, you’ve seen your monthly energy bill rise. An inefficient system would consume more and more energy to do its job, unless there are abnormally cold weather conditions. Our HVAC maintenance could help address this and other issues.

4. Loud Noises During Operation

Lastly, listen for any noises while the system is operating. A little clicking or rattling at start-up is natural, but it shouldn’t persist. Banging, grinding and hissing are just a few other noises that will alert you to issues hindering your furnace’s performance.

To boost your furnace’s efficiency in Mauldin, contact our team at Palmetto Heating & Air, LLC, and request a heating repair. Our family-run business has been around since 2012, and our NATE-certified technicians can work on any brand or model of gas, oil or electric furnace.

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