When your circuit breaker trips regularly, there is an appliance in your Piedmont, SC home drawing more current than usual. One of the common culprits is your heat pump. Find out below why your heat pump keeps tripping the breaker.

A Dirty Air Filter

By trapping impurities through your heat pump system, your air filter protects your household from irritations associated with poor indoor air quality. As more pollutants build up on the filter over time, they clog it, leaving smaller openings for air to pass through.

Your system works harder as it tries to draw more air, thus drawing more current. This may cause the breaker to trip. Replace your air filter regularly to allow air to flow freely through your heat pump.

Wiring Issues

Frayed wiring can cause a short circuit, potentially causing a fire to break out. Your circuit breaker trips to prevent that fire. When you schedule regular maintenance services, a technician can easily spot issues such as frayed wiring and fix them.

A Faulty Compressor

A compressor helps to alter the refrigerant’s pressure and temperature to make the fluid release heat where it needs to. When this component malfunctions, it draws more current than usual, causing the circuit breaker to trip.

An Improperly Sized Heat Pump

The system will short cycle if your heat pump’s temperature regulation capacity exceeds your home’s heating and cooling loads. Short cycling may cause the heat pump to draw more current, thus tripping the breaker.

If your heat pump cannot satisfy your home’s heating and cooling loads, it runs without taking breaks, trying to meet your indoor temperature needs. A constantly running system consumes more energy and can also trip your breaker. Look into purchasing a system that correctly matches your heating and cooling loads to eliminate this problem.

Resetting the breaker every time it trips is only a temporary solution. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your system to find and eliminate any issues. Call the professionals at Palmetto Heating & Air LLC in Piedmont, SC for all your HVAC repairs.

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