AC efficiency is simply how much cooling your unit provides compared to the energy it uses. The less efficient your Piedmont, SC, system becomes, the more energy it’ll use to achieve the same level of comfort. Here are five signs that will help you identify when your AC has efficiency problems.

1. Your System’s Age

The average air conditioner lasts 10 to 15 years when it’s properly maintained. As your system nears the end of its service life, the efficiency naturally starts to decline. Components running sub-optimally and leaks in your ductwork lead to age-related inefficiencies.

2. Extended Cycle Lengths

How long your system runs will naturally vary based on the outside temperature, the temperature inside and the humidity. However, if your system seems to run constantly, this is a sure sign you have a significant efficiency deficit.

3. Frequent Repairs

Parts of your system will eventually wear out, needing replacements. However, frequent AC repairs indicate your system has most likely been operating inefficiently for some time.

4. Room-to-Room Temperature Fluctuations

A properly installed and operating system should have fairly consistent temperatures from room to room. Hot spots in your home suggests a problem such as an unbalanced system or with the airflow through your system. Some problems with airflow could be a clogged air filter, dirty evaporator coil or circulating fan, or even low refrigerant.

5. Clogged Air Filters

Your system’s ability to cool is dependent on its ability to circulate enough air. A clogged air filter cannot send out enough cool air, which leads to longer cycles and increased strain. If you look at your filter, you can quickly determine if you have an easily solved efficiency problem.

You’ve worked too hard to allow your air conditioner to drain your bank account. Call the expert technicians at Palmetto Heating & Air LLC to schedule needed AC maintenance today.

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