Your Mauldin, SC, office, accumulates dust, dirt and allergens that people bring in on clothes, but also through windows, doors, and your HVAC system. All of this lowers the indoor air quality (IAQ). Here are ways you can improve your office’s IAQ without disrupting the work environment.

Ventilate the Rooms

Ventilation helps remove toxins and circulates fresh air throughout a building. Poor ventilation significantly decreases the IAQ and creates health risks. To aid ventilation in your office building:

  • Add indoor plants that absorb toxins and provide oxygen
  • Make sure air vents are open and unobstructed by furniture, boxes, etc.
  • If possible, open windows to let in fresh air
  • Regularly inspect and clean air ducts

Keep It Clean

Clean spaces reduce or eliminate moisture, dirt, dust and other airborne contaminants. Regularly clean, vacuum, dust and sanitize your office space. Also, make sure it’s free of clutter, garbage and moisture.

Clutter is a breeding ground for dirt and dust buildup. Similarly, garbage and spills are breeding grounds for bacterial growth. If you don’t clean spills immediately, they release excess moisture into the air.

Regularly Replace or Clean HVAC Air Filters

Dirty or clogged air filters can impede airflow or release dust and contaminants into indoor air. This reduces the IAQ and exacerbates allergies and respiratory conditions, like asthma. To improve your building’s IAQ and protect your employees, make sure your HVAC filters are changed on a regular basis.

Use Cleaning Devices

Air cleaning devices, like air purifiers and air scrubbers, remove contaminants. Air purification with these devices improves IAQ immediately. Dehumidifiers also help control humidity levels, and they fight against spores and dust mites.

Get an Air Quality Test

A professional air quality test analyzes your building’s IAQ. It checks airflow, ventilation effectiveness, humidity levels and more. If you believe your commercial HVAC system is lowering your office’s IAQ, call our team at Palmetto Heating & Air LLC for an inspection and air quality test.

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