Is your AC acting up yet again, right as temperatures are soaring? Making the decision between AC repair and replacement in Mauldin, SC, comes down to several factors. Things that should factor into your decision include the age of the system, past repairs, current operating costs and the AC’s running efficiency.

Age of Your AC System

The age of the air conditioning system really matters when it comes to making the decision to repair or replace your system. If your AC system was just installed a few years ago, a repair is likely the way to go. If, however, your system is a decade or more in age, a total replacement will probably save you money in energy and additional repair costs.

Efficiency and Running Costs of Your AC

One problem with an older AC system is the lack of energy-efficient technology. Every year, there are new advances in this area, and new appliances are far superior when it comes to energy savings. If it costs you a significant amount more to run your current system than it would a new one, it’s probably time to replace it.

Past Damages and AC Repairs

If your system has had repairs before, it’ll likely need more as time passes. Another red flag is the frequency of repairs steadily rising, creating the feeling that your system may have another breakdown. If you haven’t had any repairs and this is the first problem you’ve encountered, a repair probably makes more sense.

Hopefully we’ve made the repair or replace decision simpler for you. Call Palmetto Heating & Air LLC for both AC repair and installation services. We’ll be more than happy to help you with any type of issue you’re having with your AC unit.

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