When checking off tasks on your spring to-do list, don’t forget to call for spring HVAC maintenance. An HVAC tune-up gives you peace of mind that your home’s air conditioner is ready for summer and improves indoor comfort in your Greenville, SC home.

Prime Your HVAC for Optimal Performance

Well-maintained systems go the distance and battle summer heat better with fewer breakdowns. Air conditioning systems with broken or dirty parts work harder to meet your cooling demands. If you had problems last summer with obstructed air flow, short cycling or other mechanical issues, repairs will be needed to keep your system efficient.

A spring HVAC tune-up cleans your system and helps it do its job with less stress. Clogged filters, dusty indoor air handlers and loose parts put added pressure on the system. Even if the system doesn’t buckle under the stress, expect a substantial increase in your cooling costs. Save yourself money and waste less energy when you schedule HVAC maintenance.

Safeguard Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

You deserve to feel comfortable in your home. Adjusting the thermostat to an optimal temperature isn’t the only way to do this. Your home’s air quality plays a large role too. If pollutants like dust, dander, pollen, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other contaminants linger, you impact your breathing. High humidity also contributes to discomfort. Everyone can benefit from a spring HVAC tune-up, but if you or members of your household suffer from seasonal allergies, you don’t want to skip this essential service.

Cleaning the system gets rid of dust and dirt. Replacing or cleaning dirty air filters is only part of the spring cleaning process. Consider duct cleaning services to keep built-up contaminants from circulating through your home when the AC runs. Your home’s ductwork collects its fair share of debris, including allergens and biologic contaminates. If you don’t clean the ductwork, you breathe in these substances.

Are you ready to schedule spring HVAC maintenance and improve indoor comfort? Call Palmetto Heating & Air LLC today for more information about all maintenance services.

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