On again, off again. If that describes your sweaters and slippers as you walk around your home, we have good news. You don’t have to put up with hot and cold areas in your Easly, SC., home.

Top Causes of Hot and Cold Spots

You should be just as comfy in your upstairs bedroom as you are in your downstairs family room. Here are a few reasons why you might experience temperature change as you move from room to room:

  • Your furnace or air conditioner isn’t the right size (this won’t be a problem if Palmetto Heating & Air LLC did your installation!)
  • You have leaky or disconnected ductwork (regular maintenance by our service technicians takes care of this problem!)
  • Poor insulation around ductwork, windows, or doors (an energy audit will identify these problem areas!)

If none of these issues is the culprit, you may have unbalanced airflow in your HVAC system. The solution is system balancing. If you have ductless heating and cooling, this won’t apply. If you have ductwork, read on.

What is System Balancing?

Your HVAC system relies on ductwork to distribute conditioned air throughout your home. Dampers regulate the air flowing into each branch of ductwork. Over time, dampers can become worn out or shift, leading to uneven airflow. Computers, machinery, and furnishings can change the amount of conditioned air needed in each room. Changes in entryway patterns or shutting off heat to a particular room also affect the amount of conditioned air needed. System balancing is the process of restoring the correct amount of airflow to each room. When your system’s correctly balanced, the hot and cold spots disappear.

Our team at Palmetto Heating & Air LLC can put an end to troublesome hot and cold spots in your Easly, SC, home. If you’d like us to troubleshoot your HVAC system, check out our heating and air conditioning services or call (864) 651-9003.

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